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Initially the server will function as just a server for people to play on, but once we have enough people on we will be starting a “war”! I’ll kill their animals. [Laughs] That will be my name when I lose my canon death, yes. While Tommy ended up being an observer at the Battle of the Lake, his side ended up winning, which awarded him weapons, armor, and Sapnap's fish, Mars. Tommy pretended to be the llama while speaking to Ranboo and Connor while he himself was invisible. He seemed to get very emotionall. Fundy is Phil's grandson. As a result, Techno kills them whenever Philza is present. The two didn't get along well on Lazar's first day on the SMP with Tommy fighting to take Vikkstar. Video played when Phil gets 420 subs during a stream, Philza stating that Tubbo was found on the side of the road, "Ghostza. This disc had a lot of involvements in wars like The Disc Saga, The Railway Skirmish, and others. Although Tommy may not realize it, Nihachu despises Tommy for his repetitive lies and arrogant acts. This was all a part of an elaborate plan to keep Tommy powerless, but since Dream would keep Tommy company he believed Dream to be his only friend. He decided not to show up, as he thought it would be rude and wanted to respect Tommy. Dream chose to not take direct action, informing Techno that he didn't need to since he only needed to keep Tommy in exile. His trademark hat is also replaced with a blue scale replica of it. During the second festival, Tommy betrayed Technoblade by siding with L'Manberg when Techno trusted him and refused to give his axe back, resulting in a negative relationship. Though Phil knew that Techno still had a totem, Techno wasn't around and he felt hesitant to take it for Wilbur's sake. [Dream SMP Fan Server] this server is a roleplay server where you can rp as the dream smp it will be some fanon stuff and LGBT stuff i hope you enjoy this server! Awesamdude was very friendly with Tommy when they met. NOTE: This character uses any pronouns. In the aftermath of L'manberg's destruction, he had stated that he views this cooperation with Dream as 'just business'. Currently, Tommy is working to regain possession of his discs from Dream as part of The Disc Saga. HEY HEY WAIT, PLS ONLY JOIN IF YOU KNOW BOTH DANGANRONPA AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE DREAM SMP! However, the visits were short, leading to Tommy to consider suicide. However, that didn't do anything to change their relationship. Atop the tower, Tommy fought his emotions and eventually realized that he had been freed from Logstedshire. - Phil to Ghostbur about L'Manberg, post Technoblade's escape from his execution. He supported Techno's ideas of blowing up L'Manberg with multiple withers despite it being his former country of residence. One hand, he enjoyed company of Tubbo, being proud of his adopted son for establishing L'Manberg as a greater nation than it was before. During Tommy's time in the Arctic Anarchist Commune, Tommy reconnected with Ghostbur and Ranboo. Fiction notice:All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. Well, to join the Dream SMP. Although they are not related, their relationship is often described as "sibling-like". After arriving and moving them into the basement, Techno told Phil he considered him to be his only friend and gifted him the Friendship Emeralds and Techno's Compass. He spent the period between the war and the elections building a holiday home with his pet cow Henry, laying low and trying not to make conflict. Sapnap stole Juorse from Tommy, however, Tommy had done nothing to try and take Juorse back from Sapnap. He offered to join Technoblade as an anarchist, but was turned down because Techno wanted to be a "cool lone wolf character". He had been gifted two of these discs by HBomb and BBH on Christmas day. Everyone was hesitant at first, especially Tubbo, but after more of Tommy's persuasion, everyone agreed to the idea. I have to be Techno's hidden sword." (e.g, Puffy, Punz, etc. Before they met up, Tommy swam around in the ocean, hoping to find Mars, although he knew it was unlikely. Due to Dream's relationship with Technoblade, he let Tommy go. He lost all hope when he saw the L'Mantree had been burned down by someone, who was revealed to be Niki. Bad was one of the first people to visit Tommy during exile and gave him presents to cheer him up. His defective ways began to show as he had dressed in the same winter garb as Technoblade as well as painting his shield in the colors of the Antarctic Empire. Ranboo defended Tommy by admitting that he was an accomplice of the griefing of George's house, and that Tommy had protected him in court. Tubbo had a matching one named "Your Tommy" pointing towards Tommy's tent near Logstedshire. Eventually, it found its way back in Tubbo's hands, but was handed back to Dream during the Green Festival. Tommy His default skin is a green jinbei, black jacket, sandals, and green-and-white striped bucket hat (many have pointed out his skin is similar to Kisuke Urahara from the anime/manga Bleach). Phil also has one Creeper head, which he got during a thunderstorm while he was turtle hunting with Technoblade. In addition, Dream discovered the gifts and forced Tommy to destroy them. Phil entertained the idea of trying to help him by bringing him back from the dead. At the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, Tommy believed that he was coming back around, and initially attempted to reinstate him as president - his opinion would quickly change when Wilbur detonated L'Manberg, and was killed in front of him. TommyInnit is a character on the Dream SMP, more commonly known as Tommy. Bedrock-Hosting. However, Tommy would consistently insist that these gifts were out of pity and not genuine friendship. Dream negatively influenced Tommy in many ways. His chaotic and prideful personality often leads him into conflicts with other members. Philza attempted to console Wilbur and prevent him from pushing it. are you wise in the ways of dream or stupid as a fox? And worse yet- they seem to be cursed, which makes things even more unlucky. There are a total of four levels and thus four different videos, each video played every 420 subs of the same stream. The llama was killed by Technoblade's dog. Even though it is slower than almost all of Technoblade's horses, Juorse has one of the highest jump heights out of any other pet horse on the server. Phil's ideals became clearer while Phil was helping Tubbo 'tax' people by stealing their obsidian. The two fought together in almost every conflict, most notably the Disc Saga, the War for L'Manbergian Independence, and the Manberg Rebellion. He had bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep. When it failed, he proposed that they would need a Totem of Undying in order to complete the resurrection, as his readings described the Totem as not preventing a true death, but restoring life to the holder and nearby individuals when they die. He became so desperate for the company of someone else to the point where he even considered forming a bond with Technoblade, who he'd long sworn as an enemy after Techno had killed Tubbo. But since the exile he has begun to collect wood, coal, iron and cobblestone. Default Wear Do it in the comment section. Warn them. "Where do you think this loyalty I have for this country exists? However, over time, their relationship developed. The two are no longer enemies since Quackity joined Pogtopia, and his feeling of internal conflict in Manberg coupled with Tommy's loss of trust in Wilbur lead them to occasionally hang out. When asked by Jack Manifold what his and Tommy's relationship was like after quote; "all the shit that went down", Tubbo gave a somewhat blunt answer of 'yeah we're good'. Upon the Butcher Army's return with Techno to L'Manberg, Phil was standing on his balcony, watching the events. Phil has come to accept chaos from Techno, which is supposedly why he doesn't see any issue with it, and has shown pride in Techno for sticking to his beliefs. Tommy trusted him at the time, and despite Techno's deadpan nature, Techno supported a surprising amount of Tommy's stupid stunts. During the first attempt in resurrecting Wilbur, Tommy seemed scared even, whispering out Wilbur's name and muttering, "oh no...." He then raged, crying out for Ghostbur's name and holding onto the blue that Ghostbur held. Tommy later decided to create a TNT launcher, which he'd use during the upcoming war. Ever since Tommy witnessed Fundy tear down the walls and build Manberg's, he has expressed hostility towards him, believing him to be a genuine traitor to L'Manberg and its ideals. One of the disc was given to Technoblade. Despite once being on opposing sides of the rebellion, Quackity and Tommy now have a positive relationship. Their relationship seemed rocky, as it was implied that Wilbur felt unloved or overlooked as a child. However, Tommy was open in his statements that he'd never wanted Tubbo to be president, causing further rifts between them especially going into the exile conflict. Upon meeting Ranboo, Tommy welcomed him and bonded. There, Tommy gave an inspirational speech about comradery, friendship, and a united L'Manberg to bring the members together and motivate members to rebuild. Joining Dream SMP. Confused by the pride and doubt that constantly stirred in his mind, Tommy had a desire to have others with him. The Dream SMP (formerly known as the Dream Team SMP), is a private, whitelisted survival multiplayer (SMP) series played by the Dream Team and their friends. Dream gave up and allowed the two to leave, and Tommy stated that Dream was powerless and feared him. I started this smp that focuses on building and we would like to add a few more players that enjoy building! After much bantering, Technoblade proposed an alliance for Tommy where Tommy would aid Techno in destroying L'Manberg, and Techno would help Tommy regain his discs. He is resilient, kind, and hard-working, taking care to complete mundane tasks such as filling creeper-craters and repairing paths. Allegiance Tommy and Techno then went in and revealed themselves to the whole crowd. Tommy was verbally annoyed with Technoblade, seemingly thinking he was more responsible than Wilbur for L'Manberg's destruction. Eventually, Tommy reluctantly agreed to the alliance after Techno toned it down to "terrorism". During one visit, the two caused enough chaos to be noticed by Dream. Tommy is still stubbornly loyal to what he believes in and the people he trusts, no matter how much things change. As an ally, Tommy gained access to Technoblade's resources. Tommy attempted to hide, but Techno had already noticed him and dug into Dnret. Deaths Ranboo, being the kindly fellow he was, enchanted Tommy's gear. Tommy claimed to be unable to sleep at night, and often showed signs of sleepwalking when he could, often walking into the ocean and other bodies of water. People can't be replaced. ", "It's been rough, I'm sorry everyone. ", "TOWER TIME! A week and a half passing after being exiled, his eyes were turning from a light shade of grayish blue to midnight black. He still cared about Tubbo, protecting Your Tubbo and secretly keeping images of them. By the end of the war, though, Tommy had dedicated himself to L'Manberg enough to give away his most prized possessions, the two discs 'Cat' and 'Mellohi', in order to secure L'Manberg's independence. Shockingly, he encountered Mars swimming near the shore, and quickly nabbed him. After the brief interaction, Phil went back to mining. Phil rescued Ranboo from a lava pit, which Ranboo was very grateful for. He also got into a small feud with Purpled after Purpled rigged the entrance of the Socializing Club with a fall trap. (sorry Fundy) After Schlatt took power of Manberg, Dream became an ally due to his interest of destroying L'Manberg. Tommy often is very protective of Tubbo, his best friend. Mild PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Tommy disliked the fact that Tubbo was being too passive and hadn't politically changed much of L'Manberg.
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