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Economic problems - high taxes on colonists - tobacco prices dropped - growing commercial competition from Maryland farmers - restricted English market-high prices from English manufactured goodsWeather-throughout the year there were a lot floods, droughts, hurricanes, hailstorms- this ruined their crops and homes The immediate cause of the rebellion was Governor William Berkeley’s recent refusal to retaliate of Native American on settlements.The governor of Virginia and his associates in the colony supplemented their … We will pay closer attention to the cause and effects of Bacon’s Rebellion and the development of the white oppressed era. After Bacon died, Berkley was able to regain his authority as governor and therefore ending the rebellion by January 1677. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It was a significant event, since it was the first time the average citizen had demanded his rights in front of the government. What led to Bacon's Rebellion? It took a lot of manpower and money to quell the rebellion and another such rebellion would be costly. Nathaniel Bacon led an uprising in Virginia in the year of 1676 against the governor, Sir William Berkeley. What is Bacon's Rebellion and Why is it Important? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Biography of Nathaniel Bacon. Virginia was ruled by William Berkeley. - Autumn Emberton. Yet as historic as it was, Bacon’s Rebellion was also a petty, bigoted insurrection led by a lazy incompetent against a corrupt governor — and it nearly destroyed the colony of Virginia. Before they could capture Bacon, he died of dysentery in October that year. In order to prevent future rebellions in which a disgruntled member of the elite might appeal to poor blacks and whites, the gentry-elite took a number of steps that impacted Virginia society. Nathanial Bacon grouped together and angry mob to burn Jamestown and Indian settlements as a protest for the reason that they didn't get any protection from the government. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Instead, Governor Berkeley offered to build forts along the border. ◆ In July 1676, Bacon issued a list of complaints, named the ‘Declaration of the People of Virginia’, outlining the grievances of the citizens and the injustices they had to incur under the rule of William Berkeley. Thus, the middlemen acting on behalf of the governor in the fur trades were vanquished. The rebellion was essentially motivated by the oppression of indentured servants, and as a response to the economic recession. What were the causes and effects of Bacon's rebellion. The Bacon rebellion was one of a kind because it was the first rebellion witnessed in the American Revolution, because a few years after its end, other rebellions sprung up (such as similar uprisings in Maryland). We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Rachel Romm Mrs. Dolan US History I AP 6 October 2008 Bacon’s Rebellion: Causes and Effects Bacon’s Rebellion was one of the worse early American attacks on the Native Americans. All this and more when you click the magic button! Economic problems, such as declining tobacco prices, growing commercial competition from Maryland and the Carolinas, an increasingly restricted English market, and the rising prices of English manufactured goods (mercantilism) caused problems for the Virginians. Central and western Massachusetts … Backlash from Bacon’s rebellion is credited with helping kick off the racial distinctions that defined the colonies and the United States that followed. 4 Answers. How did it end and what were the consequences? - hardening racial lines associated with slavery to prevent another uprising. ◆ The rebellion stopped the use of indentured servants, and instead encouraged the capturing of slaves from Africa, to put a stop to any further uprisings.
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