great song but youre missing the they'll say aww topsy at my autopsy. Topsy: A Bob’s Burgers Tribute Slideshow (with a big excerpt) This is going to be something of a change of pace, partly because I’m not really sure what to do with it (this is probably the only slideshow I’ll make devoted to Bob’s Burgers). Topsy - Bob's Burgers [S03E16] Topsy - Bob's Burgers [S03E16] TV-PG Animation Comedy . Lyrics (Gene:) All right!Let's show these people that if it ain't man-on-elephant love, it ain't worth singin' about! 268,200 songs79,100 artists102,800 episodes, movies and games, The Internet’s best source for music from TV and movies since 2005. After a tip-off by the school's librarian, she discovers Electrocuting an Elephant, the 1903 film shot by the Edison Studios of the electrocution of Topsy the Elephant. You are not allowed to view this material at this time. A song about Darryl's favourite blog Candy Randy plays, with the lyrics appeaing on screen. Electric love: topsy, bob. The Bob's Burgers Music Album gets even more meta on the indie rock covers of some of the show's best songs, including St. Vincent's standout version of Tina's identity crisis "Bad Girls." Song previews courtesy of Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify. 2015-12-02T03:52:33Z Comment by Justin Yi 4. this is beautiful ;) 2015-07-12T18:59:06Z Comment by boomerangg Main Characters Minor Characters Episodes. Topsy/Trivia | Bob's Burgers Wiki | Fandom. Usually, elements from the episode reappear during these scenes like songs, characters and additional scenes sometimes. s Burgers song: BobsBurgers - Reddit. The Belcher kids take on a Thomas Edison fanatic. Music is central to the character of the long-running animated show Bob's Burgers. Oh yes! Characters. This song is great because its bobs burgers. Bob'.s Burgers Wrote a Fart Song that Is a Work of Art. Users who like electric love : topsy, bob's burgers, Users who reposted electric love : topsy, bob's burgers, Playlists containing electric love : topsy, bob's burgers, More tracks like electric love : topsy, bob's burgers. Its quirky characters, sense of humor, and digestible stories have contributed to a following similar to The Office, where fans frequently watch the entire show all the way through numerous times.. One of those fans is my wife. Watch the Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt Cover a Fan Favorite Bob’s Burgers Song. It is the science fair at Wagstaff School, and Louise wants to use the same volcano she made last year, but her substitute teacher, Thomas Edison impersonator Mr. Dinkler, with his strict "no volcanoes" rule, demands that she make a project about Edison himself instead. When Louise interrupts Gene's edited performance to tell the truth about Edison and Topsy. [Verse] Bm They say Thomas Edison D He's the man to get us A Into this century Bbdim7 And that man is me. This episode turned me from just a casual viewer to a fan, looking for discussion and excited! Cast of \"Pirates of Panache\" - Hamburger Dinner TheaterWe drink, we loot, we rape, we shootWe sing, we dance, we twirl, we pranceWe're the Pirates of Panache Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Games Movies TV Video. 1,955 Pages. Play Video. But everything about this song — including the fact that Gene and Tina are lip syncing to Mr. Fishoeder and Gayle — make it one of the most memorable Bob's Burgers musical moments. The Belcher kids take on a Thomas Edison fanatic. 5,109. amyycoleman - jimmy jr' s song: two for tina, bob' s One show that passed me by until recently was Bob' s Burgers. When I saw this episode, this was when I knew this show was something special. Sparks fly when Louise is determined to take down her Thomas... more. Jimmy jr' s song: two for tina, bob'. Wikis. Need help? Submit album. Bob’s Burgers has been a breakout hit in recent years. Louise decides to recreate the electrocution to spite Mr. Dinkler, with Tina playing T… I definitely enjoy the show, but not like her. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? TV Shows; Movies; Games; Trending Music; Blog; Sign In; Join; Bob's Burgers Soundtrack. Electric Love Lyrics: They say Thomas Edison / He's the man to get us / Into this century / And that man is me / They'll say "Aw, Topsy!" amyycoleman - electric love: topsy, bob' s burgers. Electric Love is a song, although Gene and Tina lip sync it, sung by Gayle and Mr. Fischoeder in the episode Topsy. All rights reserved. / At my autopsy / And no one could be / More shocked than me Register Start a Wiki. "Topsy" is the sixteenth episode in Season 3, being the thirty-eighth episode overall. Bob's Burgers - Topsy. Gene's play about Thomas Edison experimenting on his elephant, Topsy, ~18:37. Catchiest Bob. Download Info electric love: topsy, bob. good song. Show Bob's Burgers : Human Flesh; Song MUSIC MY HOME; Artist DAT NGYEN; Licensed to YouTube by ... Song MY SCHOOL MUSIC; Artist DAVIS CONG; Licensed to … All 2 songs featured in Bob's Burgers season 3 episode 16: Topsy, with scene descriptions. “Buckle It Up (Or You’ll Die)” (from “My Fuzzy Valentine,” season three) Bob’s Burgers is blessed with a cast of brilliant improvisers, and this catchy little jingle is proof. same thing for me, ive always watched bobs burgers and such but its more of just something for an entertaining time filler before sleep or something. Toggle navigation . Add new page. Bob'.s Burgers - The Ding Ding Song [Full Version] Song from episode "Topsy". We currently have no record of an official soundtrack album released for this season. I started watching Bob's Burgers a couple months ago when I was at my sister's on vacation.

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