Space is the aspect that deals with distance and size, as well as creativity. 71 Show Dialoglog. On the other hand, if you think of a knight as a defender class, they might be too busy looking out for the rest of their team to devote the proper amount of time to it. Metaphorically it represents creativity. Knight: One who Exploits with (Aspect) or Exploits (Aspect). Since Dave’s time powers involve moving through time rather than manipulating it (speeding it up, slowing it down, or stopping it the way Aradia does for Bec Noir), I think that a Knight of Space’s powers would be more about moving through space than manipulating it (making objects bigger or smaller, the way Jade does). Knights are an active class who attack with their aspect. Knights also tend to construct a “front”, a armour they wear in social situations to put a barrier between them and the rest of the world. Space is about maternity, literal space/size/volume, the background/setting, dormancy (probably), a stellar/universal expansion and collapse pattern*, and probably energy as well. Chapter Text. It also ties in strongly with the aspect of creation. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. If you want to change this to look more like yourself, knock yourself out. The second argument is that the game intrinsically cannot function with a Knight of Space due to Knight players indicating what aspect the session lacks. The aspect of Space is more based around the manipulation and usage of other objects. Because they can move about so easily, they have an advantage when it comes to finding the frogs they need quickly. Trick Shot Your ranged attacks defy the laws of physics. cynical-bonehead. Analysis: Both of the knights we have seen the most in the story (Dave and Karkat) rely heavily on their aspect. Video descriptions are currently under construction. #homestuck-classpects-explained #homestuck ask blog #silverfoxx18 #knight of rage #knight of rage homestuck #knight of rage explained #homestuck speculation #lots of speculation Wow this blog has really been well received, but that being said I’m a little backed up on session analysis’ but rest assured I will get to them all just keep your eyes out, thanks for your patience. The session will also be lacking in their aspect so… Hmm… My guess is that the session will be smaller than others. I am Dahni, an INTP, Witch of Light and Derse Dreamer In The Land of Fog and Reflection. Powers. Perhaps even a smaller Genesis Frog. The Knight of Space, as passive and quiet as they may seem, is only doing so to hide and attempt to bury the real wild and ravenous spirit that rests inside of them. Yeah I know, unoriginal. Knights are the active half of the Exploitation class, with their counterpart being the passive Pages. The argument is that the Knight and the Space Player cannot be fill both roles at once. Knight of Time- Knights use their aspect as a weapon, exploit their aspect for any situation, and defend others with their aspect. Hey look who started a title analysis blog. Knight of Space personality. 2 bonus to CMD to being moved or tripped Know Direction You instantly discern north. They both jump into their aspect very quickly and use it often throughout the game. -Karkat Vantas, on Dave Strider, Knight of … A Knight of Rage treads a thin line when they lash out, they could badly hurt their session if they are too impulsive, particularly when helping the space player breed the universe frog. That said, I disagree. As well as freely alter the speed and size of objects to their maximums. The Knight of Space is complimented by the Sylph Of Life and opposed by the Bard of Time. Therefore, the Knight of Time would exploit time to serve their needs, and use endings to fight with.Knight Abilities Flashstep . Karkat, another Knight, used his Blood powers to form relationships with all of his session members. 53 1 7. If you have any questions about Homestuck, Sburb, your classpect, or really just anything in … The Knight of Space is one who exploits space. [[requests: Closed ]] read before requesting || join the homestuck artists discord (16+). Knight of Space Nepeta edit! Unfortunately, the Knight’s teammates will suffer from ill fortune and ignorance due to the unspoken payment for the Knight’s power. A Knight Of Blood in a session that was likely to kill each other over a lack of unity. As a Knight, the task of the player will likely involve protecting their fellow players and possibly also assisting the Space Player breed the Genesis Frog by helping collect the frogs - like Dave and Jade, Kanaya and Karkat. I also think they will have a lot of weapons to choose from due to the greater creativity a Space player possesses. Well the Knight of Life will protect life with their all, making them instantly the opposite of death and doom, the knight though will represent a lack in their session. Show Less. The Knight of Space is one who protects their coplayers with Creativity, Matter, Physics, and the Genesis frog. Knights are an active class who attack with their aspect. This power is accessible before ascensio One more Homestuck Mythological Role analysis blog. Since the Knight of Space will pretty much abuse Space, it could be assumed they will teleport near constantly. They would start manipulating space early on, and use their abilities often. Hi, I'm Kat! Knight of Rage. The Opposing Title is the Bard of Hope and the Complimenting is the Page of Mind. homestuck-classpect-analysis: Canon Knights: Dave Strider (Knight of Time), Karkat Vantas (Knight of Blood), Latula Pyrope (Knight of Mind) ... Knights also serve as the secondary Genesis Frog creator if a Space player is unable to do so or needs assistance in the task. please credit me for my sprite edits/icons. As a Space player, they are also in charge of frog breeding. 66 notes. I believe Tagora is a Knight Of Space. Knights tend to be a bit more adjusted to Sburb than others, and Space players wake up on their dream-moon early and often have plenty of experience with the Sburb world. But what does it all mean? Usable Sprites This blog is dedicated to identifying and theorizing which classpect best describes a character from a certain show. They are inventive and can use any object as a weapon. : This is a very powerful mythological role. The Maid of Space is one who creates space. Alignment: Honestly? They aren’t the sluggish type; they’re hard workers who put more effort into their work without realizing it. Now admittedly this is a hard Classpect to tackle. They are patient, masters of the art of ‘wait-and-see’, and are inclined to take things as they come. Smaller planets, smaller moons and a smaller skaia. Homestuck Godtier: Knight of Space PhantasmaDormi. Minecraft Godtier Series: Knight of Space . Follow. Knight of Space. Homestuck Class Analysis: Knight. The associated denizen of the Space aspect is Echidna, at least for Jade, Kanaya, and Calliope; it is presumably Porrim 's as well. I know this particular classpect combination is pretty common. So the immediate thought that springs to mind here for me is that the knight will have weapons based upon frogs or even more so, the genesis frog. Benefits Knights wield their aspect as a weapon in order to protect those they care about, strong, with strong passion, they are potent fighters that should not be crossed. The first is that every space player we’ve seen so far - when successful in breeding the genesis frog - has a Knight companion who helped them. Space is the aspect that deals with distance and size, as well as creativity. Space: Control over size, speed, and placement within space. JADE: our empress can hardly have a knight with such rusty combat skills in her service DAVE: will you cut it out with the evil jade baloney DAVE: im not going to fight you DAVE: my rooftop dueling days are OVER JADE: en garde! Analysis: Both of the knights we have seen the most in the story (Dave and Karkat) rely heavily on their aspect. Keep reading Knight Knight of Space Homestuck Hiveswap Knight of Space Analysis Space Aspect Noble November Space Taking out imps, helping the Space player to breed the Genesis Frog, and fighting the Derse royalty. Show More. True Canon: “Those bound to the aspect of Space are, as the name suggests, concerned with the big picture. Exploiting the very fabric of reality around them. The Knight of Space is, quite possibly, the single most dangerous physical combatant there is at higher levels of power. They turn their aspect into a weapon or tool in order to accomplish their goals. This allows them to rip holes in space for quick and fast transportation. The ramblings of a disgruntled space player who suddenly felt the need to make a complete guide to the game that destroys the world. A Knight of Space would behave the same way in regards to their aspect. Looking oh so fine, doll face. So without further drabbling, the analysis. 71 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Apr 19, 2019 . They’ll weaponize it too, turning a useful skill into deadly weapon. In theory, they could be very versatile in battle as well, if they are able to manipulate the size of their weapon to their advantage. I'm the resident Maid of Space here on this blog. icon by le2biian They would be able to move through space easily , and might create some sort of item to facilitate that (like Dave’s timetables). Here's some detail: sources should be added to more statements, speculative statements should be cleaned up and made more objective, and subjectivity should be avoided. Time is all about time, endings, accepting death, and inevitability. Space:Aspect that has to do with size of things and their velocity, or basically their position in existence with regards to physics. An Evil character would not fit this role at all. So the basic idea of this combination not being possible is based on two factors. Space is an important aspect in a successful session, and as we’ve seen with Dave, Knight can be a very useful class. Exploits rage, or exploits through rage. Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles. You’re right up in his space now, there’s barely an inch between your chests. It’s more the idea of space then space itself. They don’t give you much time after poorly explaining their insane plan, but hey, you’ve always believed that Friendship is Magic and you’re confident you can protect one person from Caliborn. Knight of Space- Personality: We should just rename SBURB as “Everybody Loves the Knight of Space.” Because that’s basically all it’s about. Although lacking some of the more esoteric uses of power utilized by other classes and aspects, this is more than made up for by their twofold focus on physical objects, turning them into an unstoppable armed combatant, rivaled only by classpects such as Knight of Rage and Knight of Hope. Even though sloppy is fine, it might be a bit of a good idea to arrange this particular page because, to be quite frank, as it is right now, it is just absolute garbage. Its Opposite is the Aspect Time. The Knight is an upstanding citizen, stalwart companion, excellent friend, and a bit of a sneaky jerk. The Knight could not only teleport with an incredibly useful range, but they could also use it reflexively, making it great for a fight. You have to look up to meet his eyes, which pisses you off a bit, but he’s still cowering against the wall, it isn’t like you’re at a disadvantage here. Dave (as well as Davesprite) does a lot of time traveling, and Karkat inserts himself into a leadership position and makes sure the trolls get through their session quickly and without any permadeaths (which is not an easy thing to do). #knight of space #Homestuck #classpect #art #self portrait. The role of a Knight of Light in a typical session is an active one. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Homestuck Godtier: Knight of Space PhantasmaDormi. Prodigy - The Knight of Space exploits the space and resources around them, allowing them to easily develop skill in everything they do.They can learn almost anything within minutes, naturally becoming experts in that subject. Knight: Knights are the active exploitation class, and usually utilize their aspect very efficiently once realized.If we look at Dave, one of the canon examples of the Knight class, he uses Time to bring alternate timeline versions of himself to battle. If you aren't familiar with what this is from it's from a web-comic called Homestuck. So Knights utilize all of these things to fight as well as protect their teammates. I think it is in fact possible until proven otherwise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Since Knights and Space players usually work together to breed the genesis frog, I expect this space player will have a much harder time of it due to being on their own but I suppose they will just have to cope. They are very agile in battle and would be difficult to hit. "CG: SHE AND DAVE RAN INTO JACK, WHICH I'M SURE HE MUST HAVE SAW COMING BECAUSE I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE EXPLOIT TIME TRAVEL SO SHAMELESSLY AS HIM, NOT EVEN ARADIA." Sprites come from here unless otherwise stated. The Knight of Space is one who protects their coplayers with Creativity, Matter, Physics, and the Genesis frog. I think this one could go into any non-evil alignment, since it seems that part of a Knight’s job is to protect. High quality Knight Of Time Homestuck gifts and merchandise. Known Heroes of Space are Jade Harley, the Witch of Space; Kanaya Maryam, the Sylph of Space; Porrim Maryam, the Maid of Space; and Calliope, the Muse of Space. Power Name Description Power Name Description Power Name Description Power Name Description Power Name Description Power Name Description Power … So Knights utilize all of these things to fight as well as protect their teammates. This is another reason Knight of Space is a handy player to have in your session. Icon made by indegoseahorse MOBILE USERS, PLEASE GO TO YOUR BROWSER IN ORDER TO CLICK ON THE LINKS. Space is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Power Name Description Root Reinforces a subjects defense against being moved or tripped. After a while, they can develop a very wide range of skill-sets, making them very useful to their session. So a Session With Creation, Matter or Space…. A Knight of Space is beneficial for the team in battle, for they are skilled with many weapons and are tactful.

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