Can you believe there’s actually a place called Rabbit Island in Japan? It takes about 4 hours one-way, even with the bullet train, so consider finding accommodation on Rabbit Island for the night, or visit Okunoshima on the way to Hiroshima. The first is that a few pet rabbits were released by children when the islands were evacuated in the 1940s. In addition to being overrun with adorable fluffy creatures, it has a rich and somewhat unsettling history. The “rabbit island” of Okunoshima is in the Hiroshima Prefecture and although it is still some distance from Osaka it is definitely closer than Tokyo. Japan’s Rabbit Island. Ōkunoshima is a small island nestled in the Inland Sea of Japan. The journey is around 40 minutes. If your squee-meter isn’t totally burnt out after Fox Village, it certainly will be, after we check out BUNNY ISLAND!. It's a little more than two and a half miles around, which can be walked in about an hour and a half. I have a Holland Lop named Watson. Please don’t recommend carrots for bunny island as they’re high in sugar and too much intake can be really bad for them so suggesting them on a forum like this isn’t recommended. Here, you need to catch the next train heading towards Hiro on the Kure Line. From Osaka, the journey is slightly longer – but don’t be put off! On the right hand column, it shows what time the ferry leaves from rabbit island in grey. Shai took a trip to Ōkunoshima, Japan, otherwise known as The Rabbit Island. Unfortunately, I found the number of cats on Cat Island to have been overstated, just as rabbits on Rabbit Island had been. Well, actually its official name is Okunoshima but thanks to the multitude of cute and fluffy inhabitants, the island has become famous all over the world! You may find that you have a few extra guests joining you! For day visitors it is worth visiting the gift shop for some interesting souvenirs. Buy your ferry ticket in the little office and stock up on rabbit pellets – you can even leave your suitcase or luggage here if you need to, like we did. Getting to Okunoshima (Rabbit Island) Not only is it simple to get to Tadanoumi Port from Hiroshima by bus, if you purchase the Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass, it is also free! I love him a lot. A typical journey from Tadanoumi port to Okunoshima port takes 10-15 minutes and costs roughly 310 JPY (around £2.21). The vast majority will approach “Rabbit Island” from Hiroshima. These are wild animals and they do not like to be man handled or petted. The easiest way to travel Japan is by train, so my recommendations on how to get to rabbit island will all focus on train travel! Let the rabbits approach you. The best way to access the island is by ferry from Tadanoumi port The island is accessible by ferry, departing from Tadanoumi port in Hiroshima Prefecture. Here's everything you need to know - including my experience. Don’t feed them by the road. Get on the Tokaido Shinkansen at Shin-Osaka station (there’s Osaka station AND Shin-Osaka station, so make sure you’re at the right one!) The ticket will tell you time, carriage number, sit number, name and number of the Train, and the flaform number is 14. From Osaka, the journey is slightly longer – but don’t be put off! love this post, but how much did the whole trip cost? You can rent bikes from the hotel. Ryokans, robots and the inside of a bookshelf: 12 unique kinds of hotels in Japan. A trip to Rabbit Island puts these somewhat contradictory facts side by side as visitors traverse old historical sites, while being accosted by completely tame rabbits hungry for snacks. Otherwise, great post !!! This route will save you about 25 minutes on your journey. During the Second World War, Okunoshima was used to test poison gas, with the poor bunnies as the test subjects. Get on the Tokaido Shinkansen at Shin-Osaka station (there’s Osaka station AND Shin-Osaka station, so make sure you’re at the right one!) How to Make Green Tea Taste Good – Lessons From Japanese Tea Experts! Zao Fox Village styles itself a fox sanctuary, devoted to preserving the fox species in its care. If you are visiting during the warmer months, I recommend stocking up on bento boxes from a convenience store and setting up a picnic lunch. Rabbit Island, Japan, is not the sort of place you can just fly to, like Tokyo or Osaka. But how do you get there; and is it worth the hype? Therefore, Rabbit Island was soon enough a firm fixture on our agenda and boy was it worth it! Okunoshima (Rabbit Island Japan) in Hiroshima Prefecture has now lots of cute bunnies despite its dark past as a poison gas production site. Which they will. I learned about Rabbit Island (Okunoshima in Hiroshima Prefecture) in a magazine called Animal Tales. That place is Okunoshima, or “Rabbit Island”— a small island found in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, which just so happens to be populated by 700 to 1000 cute, fluffy bunny rabbits. My life! The ferry schedule varies according to the day and season. Kobe Itinerary: What To Do & Where to Stay! To access the island from Hiroshima city you can go via two routes: The cheaper (but longer) route is to take the JR Kure Rapid Line train from Hiroshima to Hiro and change at Hiro station (around 45 minutes journey). Tadanoumi (Takehara) is one of the destinations covered by the Middle or Wide area pass. There is a hotel on the island called Kyukamura Okunoshima. It takes 12 minutes to get across to the island and here is the most recent timetable: The First time (in grey) is when the ferry sets off from Tadanoumi port. Okunoshima Island, arguably better known as ‘Rabbit Island’, is a relatively small island off the coast of Hiroshima. JR train from Hiroshima: around 4,000 yen (free with Japan rail pass), Lunch:  Budget around 1000 yen for convenience store bentos and drinks, Souvenirs: 1000 yen for 2 small boxes of chocolates or cookies, TOTAL APPROXIMATE COST: 6,320 yen(without Japan rail pass) (day trip), 2,320 yen (with Japan rail pass) (day trip). Beautiful beaches on Japan’s rabbit island The small island, which is also known as “Rabbit Island” (ウサギ島), can be reached by ferry from Tadanoumi (Hiroshima) or Omishima (Ehime). The second is that the rabbits are escaped test subjects from the island’s former toxic gas production labs (more on that later). fastest and most frequent access to rabbit island R abbit Island is a 15-minute ferry ride from Tadanômi Port with services leaving roughly every 30 - 45 minutes. There are two competing theories on how Okunoshima became a rabbit mecca. From there change for the JR Kure line bound for Mihara and get off at Tadanoumi station (around 60 minutes). If you go bounding after them, chances are they’ll take one look at you and bolt. How To Get to Rabbit Island, Japan. Get off at Mihara station and now you have to go to the JR (local train) lines. It’s in Japanese, so if you can’t read it do a Google page translation. Want more Japan tips and inspo? I am 9 years old and I love bunnies. The journey is around 1 hour until you arrive at Fukuyama station. When you get off at Tadanoumi follow the steps above to get to the port! To go there … The hotel also has a number of public baths for guests to use if you want to try a onsen experience. Already that sounds more complicated than a single flight, right? Ok, so from Hiroshima Station you want to head to Tadanoumi Station. For example, I bought some cute chocolate bunny cookies for my colleagues, and some not so cute but funny rabbit poop shaped chocolates. 5 Day Tokyo Itinerary for Beginners – What to See and Do in Japan’s Capital! Rabbit Island can easily be reached from Osaka or Hiroshima, but a trip from Tokyo is doable as well. (Costs 500 yen). I challenge anyone to leave there at the end of the day without warm fuzzy feelings! The island is so small that in fact you can walk the entire island, visit the wonderful sights, and get a balanced fill of feeding and playing with the rabbits over just a few hours, making it a great half-day trip to combine with another city nearby. While visiting bunny island, many people choose to camp, but, if camping’s not your thing, the island also hosts a hotel: Kyukamura Ohkunoshima National Park Resort . Before you get in line for the boat, purchase your tickets first from the machine next to the shop. Don’t pick the rabbits up. Hunny Bun Rabbit Island Rabbit Pictures Wild Rabbit The Far Side Wild Creatures Round Trip Small Island Cute Baby Animals. Awesome Osaka: 10 activities you must try in the food capital of Japan! towards Hiroshima (Or Kagoshimachuo). How To Get To Rabbit Island From Osaka. It takes around an hour to walk around the whole island, but another nice way to see it is by bicycle. The hotel is comfortable and the staff are very friendly. Rabbit Island is the name given to Okunoshima island, a tiny but beautiful little Japanese island about 60 km and an hour’s drive for Hiroshima. The arrival time in Tadanoumi is therefore the 3rd column. Okunoshima Island Visitor Center: How to get to Rabbit Island - See 68 traveller reviews, 61 candid photos, and great deals for Takehara, Japan, at Tripadvisor. Then wait for the ferry! I visited Okunoshima by car, but it’s just as easy to get there by train. The cat islands of Tashirojima and Aoshima, and the rabbit island Okunoshima, have large populations of feral cats and rabbits that roam freely on a predator-free island. The port is a 3-minute walk from Tadanoumi JR Station, which is a 25-minute train ride from Mihara Station on the magnificent coastal JR Kure Line. Rabbit Island is one of the most interesting places to visit in Japan for reasons you might not expect. The usual way (and the way we went) is to pick up the rabbit island ferry that goes to Okunoshima from the port of Tadanoumi on Japan’s southern coast. Change here to the JR Kure Line, to Tadano-Umi Station. I literally couldn’t cope with the cuteness! Thanks xxx, How to use the Tokyo Subway and Japanese Rail System. They used the factory to produce chemical weapons later used in the war with China. Read on to find out everything you need to know to plan a trip to Japan’s rabbit island. On Rabbit island in Japan. If you are staying in Hiroshima city, I can recommend the centrally located Ark Hotel. You could do the whole cycle route and overnight on Okunoshima in 2 days. With a population of more than 1,000 rabbits across the small island, which is covered with overgrown ruins and walking trails, it makes a fascinating place to visit and explore, especially if you’re an animal lover. However, there’s a dark story from World War II behind this picturesque island. Getting to the island might be a little complicated, but the bright side of it is the absence of noisy crowds of tourists. Then you need to exit the station and head across to Tadanoumi port. I’ve found the happiest place on earth, and there’s not a Mickey Mouse in sight. If you can, bring your own food for the rabbits. The “rabbit island” of Okunoshima is in the Hiroshima Prefecture and although it is still some distance from Osaka it is definitely closer than Tokyo. If you want western food I love Graffity – a really cool Mexican restaurant with amazing tacos and super friendly owners! I’m talking about Japan’s rabbit island; Okunoshima. Once you arrive at JR Tadanoumi station the ferry pier is a short 5-minute walk away. I say this, because it’s a bloody hassle to get to involving multiple trains and a boat, however once you’re surrounded by the cute fluffiness and can watch wild rabbits acting like house cats; it’s so so worth travelling to get there. If you have a couple of days in Hiroshima prefecture I would put this in my top three places to visit! Also, you HAVE to watch this vlog from our day on rabbit island to appreciate just how adorable all the little bunnies are! Once you arrive at JR Tadanoumi station the ferry pier is a short 5-minute walk away. Despite their protected status life wasn’t always so good for the island’s inhabitants. Okunoshima is often referred to by its nickname, usagi jima (rabbit island in English). These run at least once every hour (although the exact intervals are a … [tp_hotel_widget hotel_id=258879 responsive=true subid=””]. While many visitors come to visit these cute critters, they may not realise the island harbors a terrifying secret. Okunoshima was once used to manufacture deadly gas for the Japanese military in World War II, and the island itself was a secret from most Japanese citizens during the war—the workers were sworn to secrecy. How to get to Rabbit Island From Hiroshima Station you have to catch the Kure Line to Tadanoumi Station. You can visit the island by taking a ferry from Tadanoumi (ferry crossing takes about 15 minutes) and spend the day on the island, walking around stroking and feeding friendly bunnies! You can get to Rabbit Island within 3 hours. So I knew this blog post was an absolute must in order to let you guys know the current (2017) timetable and stop you from having to wait 2 hours for the boat like we did. 4 Day Tokyo Itinerary for First-Time Visitors, 15 Things Only Tourists in Tokyo Have Experienced, The Best Japan Travel Guides: Itinerary Planning, Culture, Food, and Communication | Poppin' Smoke. There are bikes you can rent, but seriously guys, walk. It’s a delicious savoury pancake and the Hiroshima variety also has noodles on top. However when we got there, the ferry timetable i’d found was out of date!! As a general rule, they seem to run every 60 minutes with a longer break over lunchtime. I found it really useful to get a Japanese sim card while I was in Japan, as it enabled me to have full 3G service wherever we travelled and I could easily check the times of trains using Google. Get on this train and around 40 minutes later you’ll be at Tadanoumi station (you’ll recognise it as the right one from the bunny cartoon on the sign!). Welcome to Okunoshima – Japan’s famous and mysterious ‘rabbit island’. Once you arrive at Okunoshima, there a few interesting spots to discover, or you can just stroll around and interact with the bunnies like I did. On Rabbit Island a free shuttle bus will bring you to the only hotel on the small island: Kyukamura. A short walk from the station you’ll find the ferry terminal where you can buy tickets to the ferry. Particularly if they see you holding food…. For more tips on train travel, read this post on travelling by train and subway in Japan. Combine a trip to rabbit island with the nearby Shimanami Kaido, a beautiful cycle path that spans the world’s longest collection of suspension bridges. To go there … You can buy some pellet food on the island but the rabbits will love you more if you bring fresh vegetables for them to munch on. These animal islands in Japan might be what your are looking for. Travel tip: If you didn’t bring any rabbit food with you, buy some here at the ferry port when you get your tickets. The 3rd time shown is the next stop, if the ferry continues on. If you have a lot of luggage you can store it there. By Andrew Amelinckx, ... which translates to Rabbit Island and is so named for the hundreds of feral rabbits that call it home. Access via Hiroshima. 22 Romantic Places in the World for Your Next Vacation - hungryoungwoman, 3 Day Kyoto Itinerary – A Guide for First-Time Visitors, Tired of London but not life; why I made the move to Japan. There are occasionally buses going to and from the hotel so don’t leave rabbit food lying on the road or feed them somewhere which could prove to be dangerous for them. If you are interested in the history of the island, you could pay a visit to the museum. The best way to go to Rabbit Island is by train, so you need to buy a Japan Rail Pass (7day, 14day or 21 day) before flying to Japan. If you’re after Japanese food, try Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. Cause I’ll be there soon ^^. It arrives at Rabbit Island 12 minutes later (the middle time on the left hand column). This island is overrun with cute fluffy bunnies, waiting for visitors to come armed with treats. Ok this is how you do: 1- Get a ticket from Hiroshima Shinkensen Station to Mihara by Japan Rail Pass. The night before you visit the island, I suggest staying in the seaside town of Takehara. I googled ‘How To Get To Rabbit Island’ loads of times before we went, gathering ferry timetables and train routes in order to make our journey as efficient as possible. What to Do in Japan in Winter – Itinerary Ideas & Inspiration! I’ve got loads more posts on travelling in Japan right here: hey! You the change at Mihara to get on the Kure line towards Hiro; Tadanoumi station is only 25 minutes or so down the line. Okunoshima played a key role during the war because of the poison gas factory built there. Takehara is … For more information on the cycling route, check out this article. towards Hiroshima (Or Kagoshimachuo). The island has a hiking trail of about 6 km (round-trip), so you’ll manage. Japan is famous for its animal-related activities: you can feed deers in Nara, pop into animal cafes with shiba inu, owls, cats, and feed koi in ponds… But Okunoshima, or the Rabbit Island, is really special – visiting it might become one of the most unique experiences while you’re travelling through Japan because where else can you stroke and feed so many fluffy bunnies in the wild? The rest of the island is full of ruins that are in stark juxtaposition to the otherwise adorable atmosphere of Rabbit island. The rabbit island in Japan is only accessible by ferry. It’s a small island located in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, just off the coast from the town of Tadanoumi in the west part of the main island, Honshu. You won't believe how many rabbits he met there. But I’m probably not going back to Japan any time soon and I’m a massive believer of making the most of every opportunity. The ferry takes around 15 minutes from Tadanoumi to Okunoshima island. It’s been on my bucket list for years, since videos on Youtube emerged of rabbit stampedes towards tourists rattling bags of treats and pellets for them. It’s a 3 minute walk and very well sign posted so you can’t miss it! You can get to Rabbit Island within 3 hours. Before you get in line for the boat, purchase your tickets first from the machine next to the shop. To get to Rabbit Island from Tokyo, you will want to reserve a seat on the Shinkansen (bullet train). Things to do in Japan for first time visitors: How to plan the perfect trip! You won’t see this on the boards there, so instead look for the Tokaido Shinkansen towards Shin-Osaka. There change trains to get on the JR train towards Mihara (San-Yo Line). Like Rabbit Island, Cat Island’s namesake animal significantly outnumbers humans in population, although in the case of Cat Island it’s due to Japan’s ongoing demographic crisis, rather than chemical weapons. A group of rabbits rest near the beach at Okunoshima, or “Rabbit Island,” Japan. Okunoshima isn’t easy to get to, but that’s why there’s an entire chunk of land off the coast of Japan where adorable bunnies run free, without fear of being eaten (or, obviously, having their natural urges curbed in any way). The rabbits all went running up to people and were climbing all over them. As I visited during the week and booked a couple of months out, I got an amazing deal online for around 7,000 yen for a double room. Japan has everything – including its very own Rabbit Island. If you have a Japan rail pass, you can get the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Hiroshima to Mihara (25-30 minutes), then change at Mihara for the JR train to Tadanoumi as mentioned above. Located off the coast of Hiroshima, Okunoshima is famous for its large population of rabbits. How to get to Rabbit Island from Osaka Take the shinkasen bullet train headed south, and get off at Mihara station. You will be getting this train towards Mihara station which is around 30 minutes away on the bullet train. Forget Disneyland. The Dark History of Japan’s Rabbit Island. I took a bag of freshly chopped cabbage and carrots which the rabbits loved. I would highly recommend checking out the times in advance through the official website. So, on our recent ski trip to Japan we didn’t originally pencil in a day to go to Rabbit island because it was quite far from Tokyo and the ski resort. Just take a train or a bus to get to JR Tadanoumi Station. Instead let them approach you. From Hiroshima Station, you make your way by train to Tadanoumi Station – this can often involve a transfer from bullet train to local train so be sure to check the schedule before you leave. It can be my reference. Take a 1-hour ride from Hiroshima to Tadanoumi, and then take a ferry which departs every hour, and you will enjoy the lush nature in the company of your new fluffy friends. Carrots seem to go down particularly well! However, if you don’t have the rail pass it will cost a lot more to go this way. In a land far, far away (or just around the corner, if you happen to live in Japan) lies an island steeped in mystery, controversy, and, well, hundreds of rabbits. Everything you need to know about visiting Okunoshima: Japan’s rabbit island, How to hanami like a local: top tips on viewing cherry blossoms in Japan, 10 awesome reasons why you should visit Shikoku island, How to plan for Japan’s most scenic bike tour, On the hunt for hidden caves and waterfalls in Japan.

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