Statistically, the vast majority of stress in our lives comes from the workplace. It might be for numerous reasons, which include long hours, low pay, unhappy atmosphere, or a lack of benefits. World Environment Day (WED) is one of the more unique and special holidays because of its history and its many firsts. From training programs to promotions, the company should be invested in providing staff the opportunity to take on new responsibilities or learn new skills. Take the Pulse. Making workers happy, therefore, could pay off in some big ways. © 2021 Endeavor Business Media, LLC. A stressful work environment with employees who only come to work to do the bare minimum is a waste of time and effort. Your work environment not only includes your structural surroundings but also the people and the atmosphere around you… Yes, that ambiguous word ‘atmosphere’ can be very subjective but we refer to it as the tone or the mood you feel while at work. While speaking at a conference on "happiness at work" in Copenhagen, I met Cathy Busani, the Managing Director of Happy, a training and consultancy business operating in the U.K. Perceived fairness and justice at work. Be involved – say hello, ask them about their weekends, families, etc. Your work environment should be a space of comfort. Encourage vacations. Business Success leadership skills, team development, work environment. Communication will be strong, from the leaders to the interns. Summary. Motivate your employees by offering a paid day off or a more flexible schedule. The past century has made enormous progress in all fields. . Unhappy Workers Would Choose New Boss Over More Pay, Don't Pull an Office Space -- Keep Your Workers Happy, ASSP and National Electrical Contractors Collaborate on Worker Safety, Free Resources to Encourage New Grads to Join EHS Career, Louisiana, Texas Energy Operations Threatened by Hurricane, GM, Nike, Ford Among Companies Honoring Juneteenth. EHS Today understands you need answers to these and many more questions. No matter what the work environment at the company, be honest in your answer. Recently, many startups and top organizations have shared one of their best practice tips for keeping employees happy – short, simple surveys. To create that kind of environment, it takes a strong top down and bottom up approach. The latest surprising statistics show that 63 percent of workers aren't engaged in their roles, as well as a further 24 percent of staff actually is actively disengaged at work. An excellent workplace will make every employee feel encouraged by the additional team members. Within the office, we'll publicly acknowledge accomplishments, provide a group lunch, reserve a … Having a happy team means more productivity and innovation. It … Don't wait for reviews or evaluations to praise your workers. 1. The workplace ought to be energetic and fun. There ought to be a feeling in the work environment which everybody there will matter, and that they aren't merely robots sifting through a lengthy task list. Workplace environment is important because it impacts morale, motivation, hiring, and productivity. We've got some interesting insights—straight from the mouths of employees—to help you build a thriving workplace culture that your employees are passionate about. Career development Another important factor that contributes to your work environment is to what extent you can grow as a professional in your job. Both have benefits, so you need to think about which environment best suits you and your work style. Want to create a work environment that employees love? In happy workplaces, bosses and team leaders offer everybody the chance to grow and advance. Although they only employ 30 people, Happy has won wide recognition for its innovative approach to management and to customer service. See how TALKD's happy faces are enjoying their new work environment with a bright smile and a fantastic attitude! So that’s there, too. World Environment Day 2020 Quotes: Don’t waste precious resources. There’s no quick fix. This happy work environment allows our engineers to go beyond what one would call the definition of ‘done’. Why It Works: If you haven’t been able to find out about the company culture and work environment through your own research, you can ask the interviewer. If someone isn’t happy with their work environment, they’re likely to do even less for the business. By polling employees from time to time, your company stands to gain valuable insights from employees. Free time can be even more important that money or raises. Create an inclusive work environment: A positive workplace is one where all the employees are valued, supported and nurtured irrespective of gender, … OSHA still enforced policies, and you still had to reduce incident rates and prevent hazardous or otherwise unsafe working conditions. Make sure employees are professional and team players. 1. Within the office, we'll publicly acknowledge accomplishments, provide a group lunch, reserve a … Below are some simple tips that businesses can adopt to ensure that its workers are healthy, happy, and productive. Create a Happy Work Environment For Your Employees With These Tips “We cannot always control the pressures from our clients or the projects, but we can control our work environment, and ensure our people feel safe and happy in the office.” Harun’s desire to take a positive stance on wellbeing in the region led him to spearhead the Quarterly Happiness Programme. She offers 15 ways to make the workplace happy for your employees: "Remember, moods and emotions are contagious, so be the happy boss!” Lang said. For now, let’s take a look back on the year that was and the most popular stories on EHS Today’s website. Socialization is a key factor for happiness. Every company needs a... Short term disability policy. Happy people will want to go the extra-mile for you and tell others about their experience. Creating – And Sustaining – A Happy Work Environment Not everyone loves their job. Innovation Evangelist, 24/7 Innovation. We surveyed more than half a million employees from companies in our Best Places to Work program. It’s been a year and two jobs for many of you. Another important factor that contributes to your work environment is to what extent you can grow as a professional in your job. I work in a business environment forty hours a week, and writing is what I do to unwind. If somebody applies for a promotion in the workplace, both the team leaders and the team are supportive of the decision. This in turn will help improve their creativity and productivity. "Happy employees make for a happy company. In many offices, workdays are fast-paced and full of distractions. Celebrate small victories. 5. It also allows me to live and breathe a topic for eighteen months while I'm researching and writing. Happy World Environment Day. In an ideal workplace, everyone is aware of their roles and understands how they fit into the bigger picture. Appreciate your employees by recognizing their accomplishments with praise and appreciation. The same idea translates to those who are already in the office. Have weekly meetings to discuss good news. Webinar: A New Sheriff in Town - Digitally Transforming Your Audit Program to Meet a New Compliance View, Supporting Employees with Substance Issues is a Smart Move, How Giant Eagle Supermarkets Reduces Risk of Injury by 31% Using Smart Wearables, Ethylene Oxide: The Next Regulatory Battleground, Webinar: Expert Panel – What You Need to Know about EHS and Covid-19 Changes Under the Biden Administration, Safety Training Moving Front and Center at Mid-Sized Companies, A Diverse Workforce Produces a Healthy and Profitable Company. Today, we should remind ourselves to treat the environment how we want to be treated, like a very close friend. Is Your Leadership Hurting the Bottom Line? It is a short task to complete, for a long-term effect of being more productive and happy. I work in a business environment forty hours a week, and writing is what I do to unwind. A happy work environment attracts good people and in turn, promotes a culture of productivity and accountability. The happier customers become, the stronger the business is. A “9-to-5” environment describes more than just working hours; it’s a mentality that says all work needs to conform to certain expectations. A healthy environment includes good lighting, plenty of natural sunlight, plants, plenty of fresh water, etc. How can you foster a happy work environment, and more importantly, how can you sustain it? Aim to hire happy, easygoing people who aren’t scared of honest feedback and who take ownership of their actions. A Happy Workplace Environment not only does help your employees to do their best within the company, but also helps to attract good talented people to the organisation. So we thought, why not take a closer look this month at why happiness in the workplace matters outside of the office. Workers will return happier, refreshed and motivated. Having a focus on a positive workplace environment will make your business synonymous with the best work and highest level of innovation in the industry, over time. The more fun and social your workplace is, the happier your employees will be. Research the company’s work environment. It’s safe to say this wasn’t the year any expected. Promote a positive work environment. Some menial tasks can’t be avoided, and some days are more challenging than the rest. Happy employees are productive employees – and they also may be safer, record fewer absences, have fewer work-related conflicts and more likely to remain with the company. Stephen Shapiro. All rights reserved. Follow these 15 tips to keep your work force happy. Positive and happy people create a supportive and positive work environment, whereas negative and self-centered people tend to create toxic workspaces. But where do you start? This will result in more commitment and productivity from the employees and will definitely make your workplace essentially a happier place to be. Whether you’re the business owner or support staff members, take a look at these tips and figure out your part in developing such a place to work. However, this didn’t happen overnight. Happy World Environment Day Images Let us give our coming generation a healthier and happier environment to have a beautiful life. 10 Simple Signs You're in a Happy Work Environment | It also requires a lot of effort on your end. "Happy employees make for a happy company. Creating and managing a workplace culture and keeping employees happy is not an easy task. Too much stress can have negative effects on health – SO FLIP THAT ON ITS HEAD! A happy work environment has a tremendous fomenting effect on the overall productivity of any function. Unhappiness among workers in America is costing a shocking $300 billion per year in lost productivity, the Gallup-Healthways estimates.The recent Well-Being Index shows that Americans are increasingly unhappy with their jobs and work environments. A healthy workplace environment is good for your company as it could lead to bringing sales for business. Wolter passionately discusses the importance of how you hire great staff. The best way to prepare for this question is to make sure you do your research. But, there still are many happy workplaces in which workers are appreciated, as well as encouraged to move ahead. Everybody is kept within the loop, and the managers are glad to ask their staff for advice and solutions. Show Appreciation. Small businesses, in particular, struggle to build an environment that their employees love to work in. It is not just the team leaders who attempt to shut gossip down, co-workers will be willing to openly solve problems, rather than creating cliques and separating the team. Here's how you can transform the morale of your company. Misalignment with company culture The team ought to know that their leaders have the ability to manage change well, and everybody ought to be open to new concepts and ideas. It also allows me to live and breathe a topic for eighteen months while I'm researching and writing. Happy employees get sick less often . Employees who love where they work and what they do will spread their happiness to the customers they interact with. From the team to the leaders, in a happy work environment you'll witness individuals talking about the objectives of the company. It helps us learn better and more efficiently,” explained Diane Lang, psychotherapist, author and positive living speaker. Recognition, praise, appreciation, gratitude and flexibility: These are just a few ways to make your work force happier and more productive. Thanh Ngan Tran says: August 2, 2019 at 8:29 am. Your employees want to know that you appreciate the job they do. Everything is easier to do and accomplish when you have a group of people, a group of colleagues, a group of friends around you to help out and give you an advice if you find yourself in need of it. Literature Review Work has been done to understand the relationship between work environment and job satisfaction all around the world in different contexts over the years. Workers are happier when their basic needs are met, so support health and wellness initiatives at work. Karen Fernandez, senior project manager and scrum master at Stubhub, shares her way of creating a happy work environment in her recent blog. Individuals feel thrilled about the team moving ahead, and they always are imagining ways to accomplish the company objectives. Amongst the most critical factors of a happy work environment is the capability of welcoming change. Happiness has a multiplying effect. Though it often is difficult to feel that way in rough economic times, your job still should try hard to make you feel as if you're an important part of the team. Shocking recent statistics show that 63% of employees are not engaged in their roles, and a further 24% of employees are actually actively disengaged in their jobs. The more you try the bigger dividends it will pay. If you like small companies, you might say, “I want to work for a small company because you get exposed to more things faster.” However, if you like the greater resources and more formalized training of a large organization, you should c… Boosting your work environment can allow you to connect more to your work, promote a sense of fulfillment and happiness while optimizing your productivity. Promote Mindfulness and Meditation. 24 June 2015. Of course you do! Though everybody is concentrated on work, the room isn't in stony silence, and you're more likely to view individuals smiling than frowning. However there are still many happy workplaces where employees are appreciated and encouraged to move forwards. The standard of living, work environment, health care quality and mobility, and the availability of cultural programs, recreational activities and information – all that clearly speaks in favor of nowadays.” ― Eraldo Banovac Sweden first suggested having such a conference to the UN way back in 1968. Ensuring that your chair and desk are at the right height and are supportive so that you can minimise any strain on your body. Happy employees are more productive than their unhappy peers. A very common question is whether you are most productive and comfortable in a small or large company. For me the goal of a billion-dollar product company started out of Chennai is a tremendous tag to yearn for. Promote a positive work environment. There are so many factors to consider when trying to make your place of work happy and engaging. How to Create a Happy Workplace Minimize Stress in the Workplace. When people aren't happy with their jobs or their employers, they don't show up consistently, they produce less and their work quality suffers. Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. Healthy workplaces make for happy and effective employees Promoting a culture that improves the health and wellbeing of employees is good management and leads to healthy and productive workplaces, says NICE. Creating a work environment that is fun and happy is not easy. Happiness is contagious and, when encouraged, can spread throughout an entire... 2. Managers and coworkers play a huge role in determining the type of work environment. Know your employees and coworkers by name. Everyone scrambled to adapt, accommodate and innovate during a changing environment filled with hand sanitizer, face masks and plexiglass. And while securing personal protective equipment and other supplies were integral to continuing operations in a safe manner, all other safety concerns didn’t disappear. Thank you for the feedback and happy that these tips are helpful to you! The Best Happy World Environment Day Images To Help You Celebrate. Happiness at work is a win-win. If the company uses a team approach, for example, and you prefer to work alone, you would not be happy working in that particular work environment. A strong manger/employee relationship is the foundation of a happy workplace, so in environments where these relationships are lacking or do not exist, employees begin to distrust leadership and feel less confident in the company, which negatively impacts attitude, motivation and performance levels. Last month we discussed the importance of having fun at work. Positive work environment is of key significance for people who love their job and like to do it productively. Safety moved to the forefront of conversations and planning. When a business offers short-term disability insurance for employees, it … TIP #1: Don’t Be a Part of the Problem. Get to know your co-workers or other people in the industry. It allows me to transport myself to a happy place where I can indulge my hopes, beliefs, aspirations and fantasies. Happy New Year messages should speak to new beginnings and fresh starts, as well as a time of reflection. . Show employees you care by paying attention to their daily work and achievements. Positive and happy people create a supportive and positive work environment, whereas negative and self-centered people tend to create toxic workspaces. Some challenges of remote work include feelings of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection. Happy workers can create a pleasant environment at work that is easy for others to cope in, and the more people get into it, the better the team grows. However, remote work is not all sunshine and yoga pants. Making workers happy, therefore, could pay off in some big ways. Here are five differences that you can make to increase your employees’ happiness at work: Put an end to bullying: Don’t be scared of bullies —you need to manage them right out the door if they cause problems... Pay the employees fairly: Sure, you can’t change the company’s pay … “You’re the role model and mentor. Workplaces that have a low turnover are assign that the workers have excellent benefits, are content, and the opportunity to grow inside the company. Here are the top 20 words … A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of the workforce. Without happy customers, no business can succeed for very long. # workingspace # workenvironment # productivity # accountability # happyface # enjoy # enjoyworking # Attitude 3. Career development. Check out these 10 important factors of a happy workplace… You ought to feel as if you're an integral part of the team, with helpful talents and skills making you good at your job. We will continue helping you fill any voids or knowledge gaps in a new year that will inevitably bring new challenges, questions and concerns. Low turnover that have entry level workers in particular includes an excellent indication of a happy workplace. Pillows can be a great way to add some extra support and even a splash of colour to your space. The reason is the environment demonstrates the interdependence between humans and nature. Allow your workers to take shorts breaks where they can get up, stretch and take a break from the computer so they can refresh. It lowers motivation and the overall morale of the department. If you stroll through a workplace that is happy, you'll witness people laughing and chatting. Happy employees are successful employees. Creating a Productive & Happy Work Environment. But then also asks; what do you do once you have found them?

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