I hope i've helped you Jess! If you're unsure of the right dose, speak to your health care provider, naturopath or visit the National Health and Research Council to find out exactly how much you should be taking. It is possible to overdose on vitamins and exceeding the recommended requirement can be quite detrimental to your health. Hello, I recently found out about Lorna Vanderhaeghe's vitamin line and I started taking the Estrosense pills everyday. These are some important points to keep in mind: Calcium and magnesium can compete for absorption with one another in doses higher than 250 mg. Can I Take Too Much Collagen? Not only do these fat-soluble vitamins help anti-infection defenses, they help keep night vision at its best. Read the vitamin supplement instructions carefully. Answer Save. Can I take all of these at once? To reap as many of these benefits as possible, you may be thinking of taking multiple types of vitamins at the same time. Can I take all 5 of these vitamins at once? And like you said your body just takes what it needs from them and will expell the rest, your urine might be like neon yellow because of this but thats normal. It's: Iron, B-12, L-Lysine, C, and Vitamin D-3. I've been vegan for quite some time now, and have mostly tried to stay as healthy as possible- but lately I've felt down, so I purchased some vitamins to take in order to improve my health! Can I take all 5 of these vitamins at once? — Jessica. If it wasn’t the case, you couldn’t eat foods that have multiple vitamins in their content. But very few people can stick with this type of ­regimen. If you are already taking a multivitamin, check to make sure taking an additional supplement will not put you over the RDA for any of the vitamins or minerals. You won’t always reap the full benefit of all … The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse 39 years experience Clinical Psychology. … My advice: Take vitamins first thing in the morning, with breakfast. You can cause damage to your … used as a substitute for professional medical advice, Because of the potential interaction, I thought maybe I should take the Savella and Effexor at different times of the day. For example, a multivitamin and a fish oil supplement are fine to take together. I do not want to take a multivitamin. 5 answers to question "Do you take all your vitamins at once or space them out? When taking larger amounts, take each mineral at a different time or split doses of combinations into smaller amounts (not more than … Wolfenden holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in counseling from Oakland University. When is the best time to take them? While most people will not experience any side effects from vitamin supplements, some will experience a sensitivity or allergic reaction to an ingredient in the supplement. She specializes in the areas of nutrition, health, psychology, mental health and education. Relevance. Symptoms of a vitamin overdose include cloudy urine, frequent urination, eye irritation, cracking lips, increased sensitivity to light, rapid or irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness or pain, joint pain, convulsions, headaches, fatigue, fainting, confusion, mood or mental changes, flushing, itching, sun sensitivity, hair loss, yellow-orange skin, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal issues and weight loss. U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Fortify Your Knowledge About Vitamins, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Vitamins and Minerals, PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. If you take vitamin K with other fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, or E, you may not be absorbing as much as you would by taking them at different times, Dr. Cooperman says. While this is generally safe, you need to take a few precautions before doing so. This can be very dangerous with certain vitamins. Make sure you understand the proper way to take each vitamin. Taking too much of the same kind of vitamin may result in numerous side effects. “If you take a multivitamin don’t worry, but if you are K deficient and need extra K, take it two hours apart from the other fat-soluble vitamins,” he says. Here’s my schedule I try to keep: I get up during the night to take my thyroid medicine; I don’t know why, but I … Can I take different vitamins (from the same line) all at once? Most vitamin supplements contain similar directions, which typically include swallowing the supplement whole with a glass of water. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Unlike drugs, vitamins don’t interact with each other. This means that some have special considerations on how to take them and whether or not people can eat meals alongside them. Vitamin mistake #3: You try to take vitamins two or three times a day. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Some vitamins can be taken together and some are best taken throughout the day. The fat soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E and K. Because they are fat soluble these substances can accumulate in the body, often being stored in fat cells, or in the liver. Ty" However, many factors can influence its effectiveness, including when and how you take your daily dose. You can—but it’s probably not a good idea. Some are stored for a few days, some for up to six months. A Doctor Breaks It Down, If You're Staying Indoors, You Might Consider Taking a Vitamin D Supplement, How Magnesium Supplements Helped Regulate My Anxiety, This Is Why You Wake Up With a Racing Heart After a Particularly Bad Hangover. Taking vitamins in divided doses—two or even three times a day—is ideal ­because the body sustains higher blood levels of the nutrients. Once fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) are consumed, they are stored in the liver and fat tissues in the body until needed. Also do make sure you have food everytime you take them otherwise you will have your head in the toilet dry heaving. Always direct any questions or concerns to your doctor. Terms of Use Each essential vitamin has its own distinct function and benefits. hi docs, do you think it's bad to take 5 different vitamins at once? The best way to take vitamins is to learn the characteristics of each vitamin and mineral and determine what time of day is best and how vitamins interact. Vitamin C, for example, can enhance iron absorption from supplements and plant foods. You can take all of the listed various vitamins and supplements together. 10 Answers. It's like an insurance policy for when we don't eat right, don't sleep well, or are especially stressed. To reap as many of these benefits as possible, you may be thinking of taking multiple types of vitamins at the same time. Once you know what you need more of, the next logical step is to add supplements of those vitamins to your daily routine. Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentis recently said she takes 20 pills a day. They … Depending on your situation, it may be more convenient to find a supplement that contains all the vitamins you need in one product, such as a multivitamin supplement. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Believe it or not, vitamin K is one of the If you have any questions or concerns about the process, contact your doctor or pharmacist. “Supplements have labels that indicate how much one dose is … Send thanks to the doctor A 49-year-old member asked: I ALWAYS wait to take any vitamins, and supplements, 4 hours (or longer) after I’ve taken my thyroid medication. Here's why it might not be a good idea to take so many vitamins. I had a bad reaction when taking Vitamin D at a dose of of 5,000 I.U., much lower than your dose of 50,000 I.U.! All of the essential vitamins can be taken at the same time. Not only that—taking certain vitamins, minerals, or other supplements together can also reduce absorption and may result in adverse interactions, which can be harmful to your health. Individuals tending to go blind during the night may not be getting enough Vitamin A (retinol). 1 doctor answer. Yes. Take each vitamin according to the instructions on the label, unless your doctor told you to do otherwise. Some vitamins are best taken after a meal, while it’s best to take others on an empty stomach. Check to make sure that taking the supplement will not put you over the daily limit of the vitamin suggested by your doctor. If you're taking a multivitamin, make sure you're not doubling up the dose by taking other vitamin supplements. Report any unusual physical reactions to a doctor. Relevance. Some vitamins can be taken together and some are best taken throughout the day. There are some vitamins like iron supplements, that can be affected by food and drinks, but these should have clear labelled instructions. Does not matter: It does not matter when you take vitamin d, sometimes taking after food can help if it causes stomach upset. I’m on several supplements, and don’t take them until later. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. But, if you're taking each of the nutrients (Vit A, B, C, D...) individually, once digested they can fight for absorption and interfere with the nutritional intake. The best time to take your vitamins depends on the type you’re taking. They … If you do space them out can you give some advice on how ? "In the last few months I've accumulated quite the stash of vitamins to take each day. How to Take Multiple Vitamins at Once | Livestrong.com Copyright © They will all be different vitamins at the recommended dosage on the bottle. Silvio. Can I take the other kinds too, like Happysense, Adrena sense, and Coenzyme Q10? diagnosis or treatment. It's: Iron, B-12, L-Lysine, C, and Vitamin D-3. In fact, that's the best way to get them since most work synergistically. Always Find Yourself Taking Your Vitamins at Night? Dr Kellyann recommends “a minimum of 5 grams of collagen a day”, but for “visibly improved skin and nails” take 10-15 grams a day, or 30 grams a day if you have a particularly active lifestyle. Always talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about taking vitamin supplements. 10 Answers. If you do need to take supplements, ask your doctor how much you need. Silvio. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the For instance, vitamins D, A, and E are all fat soluble, so it’s best to take them with a meal that has some fat in it, which makes it easier for your body to use them. — Steph, POPSUGAR health and beauty journalist. Vitamins: A good multivitamin is a good idea. While this is generally safe, you need to take a few precautions before doing so. Author has 3K answers and 460.1K answer views. Each essential vitamin has its own distinct function and benefits. Many people are able to meet their recommended daily intake of vitamins through their diet, so taking vitamin supplements may not be necessary at all. Hello! . I'm planning on taking 15 different vitamins a day (hopefully all at once or maybe break them up to 7 at a time for 3x a day). And if you can, take calcium at a different … In fact, one study found that more than a third of older Americans do take what’s considered polypharmacy levels of medications: five or more prescription drugs at the same time. Leaf Group Ltd. You should never take more than one of the same type of vitamin at a time, unless instructed to do so by a doctor. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. There are a few minerals, in some clinical individual cases, which are often better absorbed without any competition from vitamins, but this is rare and only a qualified health professional can make that decision for you after a specific deficiency diagnosis. Take calcium with food to boost absorption and reduce the risk of kidney stones, and in split doses—the body absorbs smaller doses better than large ones. From the Editor's Inbox: Can I Take Multiple Vitamins at Once? If you're only going to take them once a day, it is more beneficial to take them with your largest meal of the day, and that hopefully being dinner rather than with breakfast. Answer Save. Remember to notify your doctor of any current supplements or medications you are taking to rule out any potential negative interactions with your new vitamin supplements. Your questions answered - questions about healing with herbs how to know what herbs to take, children and herbs, healing crisis, herb-drug interactions, herbs during pregnancy, how long does it take for herbs to start working, what to eat during an herbal cleanse, how many herbs to take at once, can I substitute an herb for my medication, and more.

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