Use it for colorwork as pictured above or as a fast-moving stitch in a solid color. Granny Crochet Stitch. 27. Find the free single crochet in the back loop chevron blanket pattern here. Crochet Pattern. If you’re looking for a blanket you can easily take anywhere, this pattern is for you. Choosing the Best Yarn for Baby Blanket. The weight truly helps me get to sleep and return to sleep when I wake up during the night. This crochet stitch gives you a waffle like texture. If you are looking for some blanket ideas, then I can help! Crochet Modern V-Stitch Blanket in Red, White and Blue. I've had to restart my blanket several times because I keep dropping stitches. Your yarn of choice should be soft, smooth and delicate for the baby skin. I hope you find creativity and inspiration while you're here! The sand stitch is a great crochet stitch to showcase yarn colors that are bold and scream for attention! We can make a beautiful stitch baby blanket by using two beautiful yarn colors such as blue and white to make a unique, 3D, two layered pattern. The crocheted wattle stitch is quite simple and it creates a beautiful texture that you’ll especially like for baby blankets. I made my own waffle stitch blanket with blocks of color for my son – I love it! Red Buffalo Check Crochet Blanket. To crochet a blanket stitch, start by chaining a multiple of 3 plus 4 stitches for your foundation row. Crochet is endless in terms of stitches and patterns! Project Linus Blanket. You'll agree when you see these top crochet baby blankets. The yarn has to be easy to knit and crochet, it should have a beautiful color palette to suit your needs and last, but not least, it … I’d LOVE to see what you make! When it comes to choosing the best yarn for a baby blanket, you must take many things into consideration. It’s a simple blanket you also use to add a pop of color to your little one’s crib. I love love the C2C stitch! 7 Comments. Everything you want in a cozy blanket to snuggle up in. This makes a great thick blanket for maximum cuddles! I have pulled together over 10 of my favorite easy and free crochet baby blanket patterns for you to choose from when you are looking for your next baby blanket pattern to try. Crochet Cuddly Stripes Baby Blanket. Sign up to be on my email list to get new crochet patterns weekly! Pattern . You can find free patterns using the blanket stitch pattern such as this color-blocked blanket and this crochet baby blankie! Dec 27, 2020 - Explore Pattie Fortner's board "Crochet baby blanket free pattern", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. I made a big blanket with the spider stitch and it’s wonderful! A quick note before we get started: This post was not sponsored by any yarn brand or company. If you love making blankets, be sure to check out the, « Simple Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern for Beginners, How To Guide to Designing Your Own Crochet Striped Blanket ». Grab a cup of coffee and let's get to work on your next project together! It looks particularly well on the baby blankets as it imitates a lace and makes the blanket look more delicate. Our writers create all reviews, patterns, and other content to inform readers, with no influence from our advertisers. Making one is a great way for a beginner to hone their crocheting skills, once the pattern is very repetitive, but also small enough to not be overwhelming. In this collection of the 10 Best and Easy Baby Blanket Patterns, you’ll find some great designs for baby blankets that will fill that mom and baby with love. Learn how to crochet a baby blanket with these easy patterns and gift them to someone special. Your email address will not be published. I’ve rounded up my favorite crochet stitches to use in crochet throws, blankets, and more! Repeat this pattern until the end of the row and single crochet into the last stitch. Most knit or crochet blankets take much longer to make than 60 hours. The ripple stitch is a great crochet stitch to try if you would like to create a wave-like pattern in a blanket! Overall, a great buy and worth the cost! Watch Now: How to Crochet a Simple Baby Blanket. Once you try this unique looking stitch you will see why it is the best crochet stitch for blanket designs! It looks great in the Bernat Blanket Yarn. A classic granny stitch in rows. This blanket pattern only uses single crochets and is a perfect blanket for beginner crocheters! The finished size is 30″ X 32″ but it can be easily increased or decreased. Pattern . Presenting them with such a thoughtful gift as a crocheted baby blanket is like giving them … Obviously, by its name, the end result is a “basket” effect. Bobbles are such a fun texture in crochet! Pattern . Waffle Stitch. This crochet baby blanket is a beginner-friendly pattern and can be done in about 11-12 hours. The blanket crochet stitch is one of the best crochet stitches for baby blankets! The Firefly Hook has used this stitch to create a two-color crochet baby blanket. Please check your email to confirm subscription. I like the selection of stitches. You also need a number three crochet hook and pearls to decorate the blanket with. Get the tutorial here. Making lacy edges from soft materials also reduces the risk of irritations on a very sensitive baby’s skin. Crochet Pattern . Corner to Corner Crochet – This is one of the most popular video tutorials here on the blog, and it’s in part because C2C is a great crochet stitch for blankets.

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