Smart and focused on a tech project but still able to get laid? No one can be stuffed in a box (not even infamous cats, really), but we can get close to finding your nerdy subgroup if you answer these dorky questions! To make it easy and to give us a point of reference, the folks over at Cafepress have defined for us (on a T-shirt) the varying levels of geek culture and exactly what they mean. 1 of 2 1; 2; Next Last. Although they seem very similar, I’m gonna have to go with a “yeah I don’t think so.” Dec 20, 2017 - You're probably one of the above. Now, let's get this thing started (rubs hands on anticipation)! Now, some might say that there's no difference between the G's, N's, and D's, but they couldn't be more wrong! of. The common thought is that nerds, geeks, and dorks are one and the same. Semantics, shemantics, you say. Not all losers are the same. Focused… At the other site, 71% of the takers were 'Joe Normal'. The terms geek, dork and nerd are often used disparagingly; so many insults that recess-yard school bullies throw at their victims. ? Infamous ‘Club Kid Killer’ dead at 54. Find out with this quiz! Nick sent in this link which uses a Venn diagram to explain the difference between a dweeb, a dork, a nerd or a geek: Here Beware, Tiffany, they'll ask if you wear retro clothing, and Kealoha, they'll ask if you… Discover whether you're a nerd, geek, dork, or just a plain old loser. START. Nov 30, 2012 22,848 612 121. Okay, well you can be a geek, a nerd or a dork in regards to almost anything. Jun 10, 2019 - Time to settle this debate once and for all! The financial nerd is someone who has used his or her intelligence to make smart decisions about money and become wealthy. Are you a classic geek from birth, or are you just fitting in with the trend? I'm Coral and I will be your hostess for this evening! Questions. Isabell, I think you're absolutely right! (It's true! Take the Nerd test here. Nerd? Difference Between Nerd, Geek, And Dork Feb 15. Semantics, semantics, you say. You're probably one of the above. Hot Links: Nerds, Dorks, Geeks & Dweebs. 1. In Issue 274 of The Escapist, we take a closer look at those terms, declaring them once and for all as monikers you can be proud of.We'd like to know what makes you a nerd, dork, or geek? In lieu of "Geeks who drink" Wednesday evening, I thought I would pose the question. Just accept it. Dork: Foolish, stupid, clumsy.. Do you believe you fall into the category of geek, nerd, or dork? Article by BuzzFeed. The common thought is that nerds, geeks, and dorks are one and the same. However, I don’t think so. Okay everyone, this is a crucial question: Are you a geek, a nerd, or a dork? Are You More of a Nerd, Geek, or Dork? This is just to say that none of those qualities stand out so much as to define you. Are you a nerd, geek or dork? Some of them are imaginary people in my mind and some are aliens, but they really do say that.) Witness: Vehicle blared warning before Nashville blast. Fun discussion in the office today with some of our in-house geeks. Written by Joey Skladany. What I'm reading this morning: Scott Lamb/ BuzzFeed via Neatorama. Sign up Log in. Dork? Just accept it. Here at TBF, 70% were nerds, 5.8% dorks, and 11% both nerds and dorks! 8. You're probably one of the above. Are you a Geek, Nerd, or Dork? I’m not a dweeb. If your a Geek or a Nerd then this is the quiz for you! However, I don’t think so. Geek? Fipp. parts: 29 jinny . Maybe you are just good at random facts. Difference Between Nerd, Geek, And Dork By Derek Wong at Original Article Source: Here. The word nerd has been embraced by the technical community and in some circles, it is considered a complimentary description of a person dedicated to a certain study or pastime. Why, hello! Nerd: intelligent, industrious, understands things. Answer these 29 easy questions to find out whether you are a geek, a nerd, or something else entirely. :D. Now, I have just recently figured out that the differences between a geek and a nerd are more than I thought so! 47 % Nerd, 34% Geek, 30% Dork "This is not to say that you don't have some Nerd, Geek or Dork inside of you--we all do, and you can see the percentages you have right above. Clippers lose Kawhi Leonard to bloody injury Posted September 18, 2009 by Joshua M Brown. Thanks Bren! Congrats, you're a geek! I hear a lot of people call themselves building science geeks, energy nerds, home performance dorks, HVAC dweebs, weatherization wonks, and policy poindexters. Are you a geek, a dork, or a nerd? Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Geek: Interested in things that others are not interested in, know a lot about their interests, but usually do not understand underlying principles. Nerd, dork or geek A nerd is someone who is obsessed with something specific to an annoying degree, a nerd has poor social skills and is generally regarded with disdain. ... You'll also receive an extensive curriculum (books, articles, papers, videos) in PDF form right away. … Hold on there, buster, cries another voice from the interwebs. It’s rare to find a proud “computer dork” or a “word dweeb,” but self-touting “computer nerds,” “book nerds,” and “word nerds,” are everywhere (as they should be!) Loser Quiz: Am I a Loser? I’m a geek. If any of these describe you, then you might be asking yourself if you are nerd, geek or dork? It clearly defines the difference between a "nerd," a "geek," and a "dork," and gives you a quiz to find out where you fit in.According to their website: A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. Are You A Geek, Nerd, Dork, Or What? I got to be the smarty pants for once because I was able to educate these tech guys on the difference between a geek, nerd and dork. I happened upon this quiz on the internet. If so, why? This quiz will tell you if you are a dork or not. Try it please you fattys! Choose Some Presents And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Holiday Shopper You Are. Do you have your favorite Star Trek Series? Just accept it. Geek Votes: 4 44.4% Nerd Votes: 1 11.1% Dork Votes: 4 44.4% Total voters 9; 1; 2; Next. But times have changed and nowadays geek is chic and in. Although they seem very similar, I’m gonna have to go with a “yeah I don’t think so.” I’m a geek! I’m not a nerd. You've probably wondered if you're more of a dork or a geek or even an egghead. Which are you - and what's the difference! Also explore over 588 similar quizzes in this category. Take this quiz to find out. Are you a loser? Nerd Geek Geek Stuff Cool Stuff Logos A Logo Logo Hooray! Begin Quiz. If your a Geek or a Nerd then this is the quiz for you! Geeks used to be the underdogs, the unpopular ones and the ones mocked and laughed at. From the outset, then, nerd seems to operate like geek in that you can preface nerd with just about any subject in which you claim to have some sincere interest and expertise. I’m not a dork. 5. Nerd Quiz Stuff To Do Random Stuff Personality Quizzes Quizes Nerd Geek Buzzfeed Funny Memes Geek … Try this amazing Quiz: Are You A Jock, Nerd, Goth, Or Else? Are You A Nerd, Geek, Or Dork? :D . This test will determine just how much of a geek you are! Give some supporting examples of why you fall into a certain category. Are You A Geek, Nerd, Dork, Or What? I've just done a comparison of the results here, and the results at the other forum that I belong to. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one. ! Are you a Dweeb, Dork, Nerd or Geek? The financial nerd works hard and may even scrimp and save to reach a certain goal. quiz which has been attempted 17812 times by avid quiz takers. Check out this quiz to find out. Previous Next John Connor Lifer. Article by BuzzFeed. Is your biggest worry that someone will open your in-the-box original Luke Skywalker action figure? This quiz will test which kind of loser you are. According to OkCupid’s Nerd, Geek, or Dork Test, these three terms are defined this way: A nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.

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