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Discover more about our spinning process

SpinKnits uses only the best quality wool for spinning to create the hand-spun yarn that you have come to expect from us. The Merino sheep are found in the Karoo, the heartland of South Africa, with vast open landscapes, rocky mountain ranges, and spectacular African skies.

Following the shearing of the sheep, the clippings are sent to Port Elizabeth to be washed and carded into tops. After this process is completed, we have the tops delivered to our manufacturing facility where our Spinner, Shirley processes it further.

We use the ancient textile art of spinning, where fibers are drawn out and twisted together to form yarn. Shirley does this by hand-spinning the wool on a spinning wheel and then weighing the yarn off into skeins. The skeins are washed and dried for selling or hand-dyed by our dying team into the alluring colors that can be seen throughout our store.

The hand-dyed skeins are then sold for knitting or weaving projects. We must admit that the freshly dyed yarn is so gorgeous that we just can’t help knitting some into beautiful garments such as jerseys, scarves, and beanies which are quickly snatched up by delighted visitors to our store at The Watershed in Cape Town.

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